Saturday, 26 May 2018

The first flush of Summer

Oh to be in England in the first flush of Summer.

The blossom has all but finished, the tulips have blown, the puppy grows bigger, we were enthralled and captivated by a magical Royal Wedding and the bluebells have carpeted the woodlands in a watercolour wash of blue.

Summer is all but here.

May always delights me, from the very first sighting of cow parsley in the hedgerows, no wonder we reference this time of year with the literary prose of Shakespeare's "the darling buds of May".

Lilac blooms hang heavy with their intoxicating scent.

For me, this year has been one of inner struggles. My need to find a comfortable and meaningful path on which to travel, I am seeking a clear direction, one that will allow me to find contentment and fulfilment. I am not by nature a particulaly ambitious person, yet I do strive to find a creative purpose that brings me a sense of satisfaction and pride, on my own terms. 

all images mine © Cowparsleytheblog 

The power of flowers. Beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. 

As May slowly makes way for June, I remind myself to take pleasure in the moments of infinite joy that this heavenly month brings.

Take Care and thank you for following.


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