Friday, 28 July 2017

The Power of Scents and Contemporary Accessories.

I find it amazing how powerful scents can be; they can transport you to a special time and place, stimulate memories and create just the right mood. 
We are beyond delighted to introduce our new scented candles. In three gorgeous fragrances, the candles are hand poured in London and made from natural wax with cotton, lead free wicks. 

Three beautiful scents for anytime of day or mood you wish to create.

 A modern vibe.
Our popular grey bee boxes have been given a makeover, now finished in a dark charcoal grey ribbon for a more contemporary, masculine look. They look great in a study.

All in the detail.

A gorgeous green ribbon that sings English garden now adds the finishing touch to our Dummer Rose boxes and fabulous new concertina files.

N0 1  Delicate Romantic Floral

N0 2 Clean Crisp Fresh

N03 Warm Elegant Woody

all images ©Cowparsley at home


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  1. I just love scented candles...I think I would love Warm Elegant Woody!
    Have a great sunday!