Friday, 15 July 2016

The roses have bloomed despite a wet summer so far here in Britain. Hopefully July will be kinder to us and deliver some long awaited sunshine. I am sure each generation comments that the Summers in our childhood seemed to be sunnier and warmer; is it just nostalgia clouding our memories or was it true?!

Our house build continues, I cannot tell you how thrilled I will be to post here when it is completed. What appeared to be a fairly straight forward, albeit large project, has escalated into something much more complicated, longer and of course expensive. We feel rather burdened by it and at times resentful of the stress and pressure it brings. It will inevitably end and I am sure we will be happy with the results, I have to admit though we would never do it again! 

Have a Rosy Weekend


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  1. oh dear renovating is always challenging there is always something hidden that needs doing and it's usually expensive! I agree the summers seemed much warmer when I was younger and this July is proving to be slightly cooler than expected, cardigans still on...your roses are lovely though. Don't be too disillusioned, your home will be beautiful when you get through this stage. No gain without pain as they say... x