Friday, 17 June 2016

Stepping back for Summer

Spring arrived late and yet it seemed to pass by in haste. It is always a joy to walk amongst the bluebells, carpets of blue and green.

For me the sight of Cow Parsley spilling from the hedges marks the beginning of Summer. Frothy cream flowers lining the lanes herald warmer days. I gather armfuls and place in buckets, they don't last long but more than make up for it with their loveliness.

Summer is a time to step back. Running a business however small occupies the mind long after the daily duties end, it is easy to become too focused, anxious for the next stage. Sometimes it is beneficial to ease off, think of other things and take a back seat, it helps to see things in a clearer, less pressured way. So for me the rest of the Summer I will be taking things at a slower pace and enjoying all around me, days out and living life at a pace I am comfortable with. 
We have a new design that we will be launching in the Autumn, I look forward to sharing that with you when the time comes.

Wild Strawberry plants, I hope we get a good crop!

Summer Blooms (between the rain showers)

English Roses and the scent of Summer.

Enjoy the Summer, whatever your plans.


  1. What a beautiful post...lovely!
    Have a happy day!

  2. Beautiful bluebells...I missed going out in the country this year and taking a few photos. I love cowparsley, I just never seen to have a pair of scissors handy when I come across a batch I could pick! Have a lovely week. Sharon