Monday, 18 April 2016

The Arrival of Spring

Blossom and Blue Skies.

I am thrilled that this beautiful new shop the country brocante store which is located in Midhurst, West Sussex has now opened and is stocking all our wallpapers and box files. 

Cowparsley at home and Cabbages and Roses wallpaper samples.

Vintage treasures alongside new designers.

March flashed by and suddenly April is here. Although the sun shines most days, it still feels cold and the plants in my garden are taking their time to appear, hoping for warmer days soon. It is however uplifting to see the bluebells coming through in all their beauty and the Cow Parsley, which for me is the epitome of an English Spring and early Summer. The hedges along the country lanes will soon be brimming over with clouds of their frothy flowers.

Blue Bells and Cow Parsley.



  1. Hello! Oh lovely to see these pretty images - remember the days when we just blogged pretty pictures?! That must have been pre-intsa and pre-interest! Nice to see the evolution but occasionally a bit of old school is good! Loved the William Morris pics on pinterest this week though; I had that in my childhood bedroom. L x

  2. hah! *pre-Pinterest* NOT pre-interest!!