Friday, 2 October 2015

That Friday Feeling

 Hooray for the weekend. The weather here in England continues to delight with dry, warm, sunny days.

Image by Ingrid of Spring and Summer

Hoping for some lovely flowers today as it is my birthday. Even as I get older I still get ridiculously  excited! Although I have decided that from now on the number doesn't count, only how I feel. I have for the first time in forever, started running; I am taking it gently and slowly but I have surprised myself at just how much I am enjoying it. It helps of course that the mornings have been sunny and welcoming, no doubt I will find it less appealing on cold, wet days!  

A little shot of pink loveliness for the weekend.

images via the fuller view, crush cul de sac and patterson maker

Thank you for following and enjoy your weekend.



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you get some wonderful flowers! Good for you for running. My golden retriever is asking for us to go for a walk as I write this- I best be off..
    Thank you as always for your lovely pictures

  2. What a fantastic blog!!! Congratulations and happy happy happy birthday!!!
    All my best for you and your!
    Have fun

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  4. A very belated Happy Birthday Alison! Well done you for the running! So need to get back in to exercising having enjoyed all the fabulous food in Australia! Beautiful pictures as always.....x