Thursday, 30 July 2015


It is such a thrill to be featured in this lovely magazine. Thank you Country Living

 At the end of May I spent a lovely two days with the writer Caroline Atkins and the photographer Alun Callender putting together the feature for the Let Your Talent Shine series the UK edition of Country Living magazine. This series highlights women who have turned a hobby/passion into a business or vocation. As readers of my blog will be aware, I had long held a desire to start my own business  encompassing my love of interiors, the countryside and flowers. I was inspired to finally take the plunge after attending a talk hosted by Country Living at last years Hay Festival. 

Listening to some of the speakers who had embarked on their own business ventures and their invaluable tips and knowledge gave me the final nudge to take a chance and start my own. The series Let Your Talent Shine also offers advice and information on organisations that can help Women in business. I strongly believe that age should not be a barrier and if you decide to go for it there is help and encouragement out there to help you realise that dream. 

images via Alun Callender and ©cowparsleyathome



  1. Congratulations!!! ♥♥♥

  2. That is SO exciting, well done so enjoying watching your journey & your success X

  3. Oh will have to get the magazine and read it :) Well done

    All things nice...

  4. My all time favorite magazine...way to go!!!

  5. Congratulations on being featured in this beautiful magazine! The photos are lovely. I particularly like the stylish, yet country/farm-y/garden-y photo of you! :-)

    Did you draw that beautiful duck with the berries? I'm going to have to go visit your business site.

    British Country Living is one of my very favorite two magazines (Landscape being the other). I like that they helped you to build good things in your life, then honoured your progress. They're good people.

    Have a delightful week!