Monday, 2 March 2015

© Cowparsley at home

March has arrived. Sunny and cold with a very keen wind, but surely Spring can't be far away!

collages from previous posts

Hope your week is tickety boo.



  1. Beautiful images Alison, to brighten the day! So lovely.

    Further to your last post, I do sympathise when it comes to building work and constant dust and mess! As you and readers of my blog will know, we as a family, plus two dogs, lived between three very old and unsavoury mobile homes for 18 months while building our home. Not the most pleasant of experiences, especially over a harsh winter, and especially for a self confessed 'neat freak' home maker like me...ha ha! The only thing that kept me going, was the end vision (and a sense of humour and a glass of wine or two!) and to focus on the end goal. You will get there! All the mess and upheaval will soon be a distant memory, I promise.....and spring will soon be here, which will make it all so much easier!

    Have a 'tickety boo' week too!

    Sophia xx

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I hope you received the swatch of fabric! X

  2. Really is so beautiful here, and I am leaving with a calming feeling of inspiration.


  3. Beautiful ~ spring like ~ Happy March to you!

  4. Your pictures bring such joy. So much snow and ice here - seems like it will never end. Thanks for spreading hope.