Friday, 13 March 2015

Clear Thinking

 Spring Clean

There are times when I feel that my head/mind is so cluttered it needs a clear out. Now is one of those times. I have such conflicting thoughts, I am muddled and unable to see a way through. I do tend to over analyse almost all, it makes it nigh on impossible to reach a balanced, genuine decision. Currently I feel as though I have a 'blockage' that needs clearing to allow my emotions to run freely.

I am by nature a worrier. This is not a good trait, it is unhelpful, confuses issues, creates problems that maybe aren't really there, causes unnecessary anxiety, which compounds the whole thing. When people say, "Don't worry". "You worry too much" etc etc. easy to say, hard to achieve. I am so in awe of people that let life roll along, go with the flow and remain positive. I see my mind as a room that is so full of "stuff".

 I imagine it all cleared, clean, whitewashed and "new"

I do find that a walk with the dogs helps to clear things. I try to order my thoughts into areas that I can actually change and do something about. Banish the random and needless worries that serve no purpose and I have no control over.

I read all the quotes on Pinterest, saying "Live in the Moment", I do try not to think too far ahead and make decisions ahead of the event that in some cases never become an issue anyway, so why do I worry about it!! Funny too, how I seem to manage my thoughts more effectually on a warm sunny day!

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Have a chilled weekend



  1. Oh sweetpea - are you OK? I can completely relate; I too am a worrier and it is an AFFLICTION! People who don't worry couldn't hope to understand, they are just not built that way. I too expend way too much time stressing about things that really have no easy answer and I can never just let it go. I find I do better if I literally have basic decisions to consider like what to eat for dinner or where to walk the dog! So I am with you - completely. I hope you find some (whitewashed) clarity and peace. Everything is a phase. L x

  2. I'm always thinking, if only I could think less.......what a happy daze that would be!!

  3. I think there's more of us like just like you than you think. It's a struggle