Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hello Rose

Thrilled and delighted that our first batch of gorgeous fabric in a lovely linen union has arrived. A scaled down, faded version  of our Dummer Rose wallpaper, this will be available on a print to order basis. It will be on the website in the coming weeks. 

Very pleased that the lovely people from Here are making some bespoke home and desk accessories using the Cowparsley at home papers. These too will be on the website. Recommended to me by a friend, they produce beautifully made, high quality British products and their customer service is refreshingly genuine. 

Off to visit some friends tomorrow, coffee, chats and giggles. Walking with the dogs over the moor. Fresh air, exercise and wonderful company. Bliss!

Have a fabulous weekend, thank you for following.


  1. What a beautiful pattern, you are so clever! Xx

  2. What a lovely floral! Is it on linen? I too, design and sell wallpaper and fabrics in a similar style to yours, but in the states.
    And I mostly specialize in blue and white, lol. I am very drawn to your beautiful pinks.
    Did you have a country upbringing, too?!
    Where are your papers sold? I'd love to have a look at what you offer!

  3. Stunning! You must be delighted with these Alison. xx