Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Glimmer Of Hope

During January, when the sun does manage to shine, I tentatively allow myself to think of warmer, brighter days ahead. I am someone who needs light. Warmth is welcomed in equal measure. The nights are slowly getting lighter, but the mornings.... still horribly dark. 

Colour has an uplifting effect. Ideally my home decoration tends to be based on a neutral background with pops of colour added depending on the seasons. These gorgeous shades add a subtle palette of colour that will lift a room and mood.

 Uplifting narcissi

Love these pastel shades.

Subtle and so pretty.



  1. All these colours are my absolute favouites. I love the poetry of winter, in its idyllic version it is pretty beautiful - but spring with its soft, radiant, fresh flowers inspires me so much.


  2. Lovely spring colours, I´m so looking forward to brighter days.

  3. what great pictures and inspirations !!! love greetings from angie from Germany

  4. So beautiful!!! Just added a smile to my day today.
    You have a way of brightening days for others.