Friday, 19 December 2014

Going Live

Woohoo! At last my website has gone live...I can't begin to tell you what a thrill it is. For me it means that a lot of the stress I was feeling has now been lifted, which just ahead of Christmas is a wonderful relief. It will apparently take up to 48 hours to fully populate in all browsers so I will link after the weekend. 

Tomorrow I am venturing forth into the fray that is the Christmas food shop. I plan to get to the supermarket as early as I can, list in hand, head down and onwards! To be honest, apart from a few of the lovely seasonal/festive additions, it won't be dissimilar to one of my normal food shops. However it does seem that for some, it has to be a full on assault and attack to get as much into your trolly as is possible, regardless of whether or not you actually want it or need it. As my husband has done all the drink shopping and is in charge of collecting the meat, my shopping trip should be a breeze! (she hopes).

all images via Pinterest

Have a fabulous pre Christmas weekend


  1. How exciting, I wish you every success!!

    I just clicked on the link at the top of your blog & something is wrong....just letting you know X

    1. Thank You Simone, hopefully the link will be sorted soon. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. their decoration is beautiful !!!!!! I wish them nice and relaxing holidays, all love of angie from Germany

  3. Congratulations with your website, I wish you all the success of the world!
    I have seen you website with some lovely wallpapers, especially the Happy Bees is wonderful.
    Wish you happy and relaxing Christmas holidays.

  4. Many congratulations Alison!! I wish you every success and look forward to sharing your new website in the New Year! Happy happy Christmas to you and your family....

    Sophia xx

  5. Wishing you happiness as your new venture begins.
    Christmas greetings, xx