Saturday, 27 December 2014

Clean Page, New Year, Getting on with it.

I have a habit of wanting to "move on" sometimes too quickly, rushing towards the next phase/idea in life. In this there is of course a danger of not enjoying all that is on offer at the time. I drive my family mad each Christmas, I want to clear away the decorations to make way for clean, simpler things. This I fully appreciate says rather a lot about my mental state, it is almost a need, to clear things away and simplify all around me. 

2014 was a busy/chaotic year, a year of making plans both for the house renovations/build and for my business. Trying things, making changes, adjustments, compromises and then trying to put them into practise, not always easy or achievable when you are relying on others to make those decisions. 2015 for me is all about "getting on with it", the time for talking is over, now DO IT!

For us a return to Dartmoor in 2015/16 is on the cards. There still remains a lot to do until the house and garden are finished, so that is the focus for my husband. I am longing to get stuck into building my business, nurturing it to reach a level of potential that fulfils my creative needs and financial hopes for it. So we have a plan, it will take time but we have a focus.

 I had underestimated the power that Dartmoor has on me, the way I thrived there, how it met my needs in the people, place and sense of belonging it gave me. I had not fully appreciated my need for roots; this is something I am only beginning to fully recognise now that I am getting older.

How lucky most of us are, to have choice, freedom and the luxury of making plans for the future. I watch the news and realise that for a horribly large number of people this will never be possible and it both humbles me and shames me when I think at times I "expect" so much.

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  1. Hello. This is a deceptively thoughtful piece of writing. Interesting to read what you feel about Dartmoor. I live in the town I grew up in and was, until literally a year ago, blissfully happy with being so close to my roots. Now I have wanderlust of the worst kind!! I just feel like I will at some point need to leave in order to see the actual value of what I have. And similarly I do feel ashamed of the flaws I pick in what is basically a fantastic life. It is humbling to think of others and I wish I didn't get that yearning for the next big thing quite so readily. I completely get what you express. Happy new year - high hopes are a good thing! Lou x

  2. Wonderful to move to that beautiful piece of England: Dartmoor! We were there some years ago on holidays, I loved the area!
    Wish you all the best and success in the New Year!

  3. Wishing you a happy Christmas and hope you have lingered long enough to enjoy all that it has to offer. I too suffer from wanting to get it all over and done with and move on with the next thing, but I am learning to live and let go as I too get older. My yearning for my roots brought me back to England after many many years living in Africa and I hear your heart loud and clear...wishing you every success for your business in 2015...I too started a new business but I am the worst at putting myself out there so once again I empathise with where you are and what you want to achieve. Sharon x