Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Slowly Slowly

A gorgeous, crisp, clear Autumn day here. A day for pulling on the boots and heading out into the countryside. Blowing the cobwebs away is very much on my agenda this morning. Although I thought we were nearing completion on the website, it turns out that the "package" I was offered is broken. So...they are now building me a new site! I have to say I was rather disappointed in how the old site looked, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise and I will have a site that I can be happy with. Delays are frustrating and in this case fairly stressful, however, I must view it as a positive pause and move forward.

I need to apply the same thought process to the house build/renovations which have been slow and challenging. There have been times when I have despaired of ever seeing any real progress. Thankfully, things are now moving forward and taking shape. Slowly, slowly, deep breaths.

images via Pinterest and crush cul de sac

via me.

Enjoy your day.



  1. These are for me the most beautiful images, especially the dogs, love them and could stare for hours at this picture, wonderful. Are these your dogs? Or also an image of pinterest.

    1. Hello Janneke, thank you for your comment. The dogs are gorgeous aren't they, sadly not mine. I found this image via crush cul de sac. X

  2. danke für die tollen bilder und inspirationen, ich wünsche ihnen einen schönen dienstag, alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  3. Hello! Those dogs - so lovely, I am such a dog convert now! It is a beautiful day (what the hell was yesterday??!! Seriously! It rained ALL day) so I shall be christening my new boots and taking a walk round the fields. I completely get what you mean about web design - I was disappointed with one that I had done, it took lots of iterations to get it any way near right. I did a website recently and on the first draft I knew it was right. There is just something about the 'look'. But then I think bloggers are so discerning about images and fonts as we spend all our time scanning Pinterest and such like. I am sure it will be great when it's done. Lou x

  4. Hi Dear,
    what a lovely post! The dogs are fantastic - as I'm an absolutely dog person I love this pictures most. But all the others are so beautiful and positive. They bring sunshine in my dark evening here in Austria.
    Have a happy happy time

  5. Clean slate ~ maybe next time you will love it. Patience is not something I am good at ~ I think we are living in an instant world so we expect everything to happen NOW. I try to take a step back and breathe. Have a great weekend!