Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Birthdays, Posture and Retail Therapy

Image Cowparsley at home ©

Tomorrow is my birthday, another year gone, too quickly! All the plans for the business are moving at speed. It is hard at night to empty my head and sleep well. However hopefully all will be ready to go live by the middle/end of this month. Recently I have spent too many days hunched over the computer with poor posture which I think actually makes you feel tired. I haven't had enough exercise or fresh air. I need to pull on my wellies and get out there. 
Meanwhile, tomorrow I am going for some retail therapy and lunch with my daughter which I am looking forward to hugely. Friday I am having lunch with a great friend who makes me smile and laugh from the moment we meet, I always come away from our times together feeling energised and in a positive frame of mind. It is these moments that we take out of our busy days that restore and centre us. Here in Britain we have had the most gloriously warm and sunny September. A wonderful extension to the Summer. Now the nights are beginning to draw in; I rather look forward to this time of year, the log fires, change in clothes, moving from outdoor living, to cosy nights and a sense of comfort. If we could all just take a moment, (not always easy in our fast moving lives) to enjoy the seasons and pleasure of actually being here at all!!



  1. Hello - happy birthday for tomorrow! My goodness the time goes so fast doesn't it? I think it is because life seems to be split into seasons (or school terms) which whizz by and before we know it we are facing another anniversary or birthday. Old friends and shopping dates with daughters are a good tonic. And as for poor posture - you are preaching to the converted! It is the root of so many things. Make sure that when the business gathers pace that you keep doing the things you have always done. Important as anything! Take care and thanks for your lovely comments, they mean a lot to me. Lou x

    1. Thank you Lou. I so hope you are pain free again soon. Thank you so much for all your support with the business.

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow!
    We have had wonderful weather here too! Again today, it is beautiful warm sunshine and just cool enough at night to start to change colours on the leaves..
    I think it's so important to take time for ourselves--I really think it impacts our families positively too!
    Lise-Lotte from Vancouver Island in Canada

  3. Happy Birthday and best wishes for a super day out with girl friends! Can't wait to see what you're going to reveal at the end of the month! Sharon

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to you! Thank you for all the doses of beauty and inspiration that you add to my life, via you blog posts. You are a creative lady, and I look forward to what you are going to reveal.

  5. Happy happy birthday! Retail therapy and lunch with a daughter is always special, and lunch with an energising and fun girlfriend a real treat…..have a wonderful well deserved break! So looking forward to seeing the website.

    Sophia x

  6. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!
    I'll send you lots of happy days, some sun shine and energy to enjoy life!
    Have a lovely autumn!