Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Again

Random offerings for this Friday. I have realised that recently I only seem to post on a Friday. This is completely unintentional, I can only put it down to the weeks rushing by, suddenly it's the end of another week and I haven't posted anything. Then, when I do post it seems rather rushed, for this I apologise.
 I really love my blogger friend Lou's fabulous posts. Her ability to not only post frequently but eloquently leaves me full of admiration. Lou is a born writer, she may or may not agree with that statement, but she has an innate talent of expressing her thoughts and observations with honesty, intelligence and originality.

We have a quiet weekend, no plans, sometimes I feel the need for lots of social activities, at other times I am happy to just go with the flow and let the time unfold as it happens. Maybe more berry picking, dog walking...or perhaps I will just read a lot...Last week was pretty busy as I had the final visit to the factory for strike off and production. Next week I am off to Hampshire to visit some very close friends and then to Wiltshire for the photo shoot! I have been sorting and sourcing props for this, great fun, so hopefully we should be able to style the product well. Before too long I hope to have something to actually share with you all! (about time too, I know, I know)

images via todays wanderings, crush cul de sac and Pinterest

Have a super weekend, whatever you have planned.



  1. danke für die wunderschönen bilder!!! alles liebe von angie

  2. Firstly, the dress in the first picture is lovely. I tend to post every Thursday and I'm full of admiration for those bloggers who post so frequently. I shall pop over to Lou's blog now.

  3. Hello!! Oh what lovely words to read! And quite timely because I do wonder (often) whether the stuff I write is just a constant supply of musings that don't really make sense or mean anything to anyone; so to hear that it is admired and appreciated is really very heartening. I love that first image of the dress and the plait - more so because her tattoo is just visible on her arm, which I quite like. It makes the sweet a little more edgy! Take care and as ever...waited with baited breath for the unveiling. Oh and enjoy Hampshire - that's almost local to me! L x

  4. Can't wait for you to share your products with us. Happy week! Sharon x

  5. Oh how exciting! I can not wait for the big reveal! Thank you also for your kind comment, it really was a very special place in Corfu to stay, and it was very hard to come back to work and reality!

    Hope all goes well with the shoot etc!

    Sophia x