Wednesday, 13 August 2014


There comes a point when you have to stop and breathe. I am, and always have been, a worrier. I have tried over the years to lessen this "weakness/fault" in my makeup, but it is just how I am, my default trait. We have a lot going on, fairly new marriage (last year), complete renovation of our house in a new area, my business set up etc etc.
 For the past year I haven't felt completely well, hard to pinpoint, just not me, I feel wrong, out of step with myself. Finally, having dragged myself off to the Doctor I am now being poked and prodded, blood tests , biopsies and scans taken. Hopefully the picture will become clear and I can soon begin to feel well again.

Tomorrow my husband heads off abroad to visit his family for 10 days. I am going to take advantage of this time alone to head off with my dogs back to Dartmoor ( which I miss more than I ever thought I would), to walk in the fresh air unencumbered by time pressures and all that comes with home/family life. Sounds selfish I suppose, but I REALLY need this space to try and let go of the stress that seems to be coursing through my body. Endless miles of uninterrupted moorland to blow the cobwebs away, meeting up with old friends for lazy lunches and catch ups. Just what the Doctor ordered!

Plans for my business are progressing very well. I have the most wonderful photographer onside to take all the images needed for the website etc. His wife is a talented stylist, I am so looking forward to styling the product with her, I have amassed lots of wonderful props, it will be fun.

Waiting for medical results can be a little daunting, however I have to say that I have been so impressed with the speed and efficiency that all the departments have dealt with things so far.
 Time alone is precious in our fast moving world. Getting into my pyjamas early in the evening, a light supper (if I feel like it) and a good old Midsommer Murders seems SO appealing!
 So... I will make the best possible use of the time I have to JUST BE.

images via the curious bumblebee, prettypicsdelightfultips and buttered up bakeshop

I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer. I do sense some mornings, a slight Autumnal nip in the air. Autumn, my favourite season.



  1. Autumn is my favorite season too! I do pray that you soon get some answers in the health department. It is good you will have some down time now, in the fresh country air. I enjoy my
    visits here! You seem to capture beauty in daily life, with every picture you share.

  2. Hello you. I was pleased to read that you are going to get some time out; I can completely relate about the need for space. I do hope that whatever is making you feel out of kilter is i) something that can be detected and ii) something that can be speedily dealt with. I think part of the problem of feeling not quite right is that we need a solution. Sometimes there is one and a pill can help, but all to often I think there is an interplay of many other things from hormones to diet to surroundings. I try to keep hold of the fact that everything in life is a phase and whatever happens, things actually don't stay static for that long. If it turns out to be something that you can't quite get your arms around and fix, then I'm your girl, as I dealt with that for a long time. It still continues now but I can now look it in the face and say 'ahh it's you again!' when it comes. That all sounds rather cosmic and I don't mean it to be. Just walk and see how the space gives you clarity. Take the best care, Lou x

  3. Hope you get a nice restful time away. Sounds like you need it and it sounds heavenly. Anxious to see your business adventure when it is up and running. Sure it will be just wonderful as you are so talented with you choice of words and photos. Your beautiful posts always leave me feeling lighter and with a sense of loveliness. Enjoy your time!

  4. Enjoy your 'home alone' time.
    Fingers crossed all well health wise - at least you've made the first step in getting to the bottom of things. It's easy to put things off, particularly when you can't pin point exactly what's wrong.
    I agree with you re an Autumnal feel. Definitely something in the air.
    Hope you have a lovely and rejuvenating week,
    Liz x

  5. Hello, I know exactly the feeling of things not being quite right and not feeling quite well...I hope your tests reveal nothing too serious and you can start enjoying life with energy again. Love nothing more than indoors catching up on a favourite TV programme whilst hubby is away...and I do agree...some morning have been quite nippy and I think Autumn is on it's way again...Happy week for you! Sharon x

  6. I have missed my visits to your pretty space ~ hope your time away blew out the cobwebs and that your tests came back clear. xo