Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Loveliness

all images via Here

I am off to meet a wonderful photographer this morning who, I hope, will do all the images for my business website. Fingers crossed......

Have a wonderful weekend xxx


  1. I want to go buy Peonies now....gorgeous!!

  2. I found myself musing about your 'secret' business whilst I was away - can't wait to see it! I think the styling/photography stage is the most fun actually. For me that almost became more important than the actual business - I mean the selling and the networking! It's a hard balance actually. I think us bloggers are all about the 'look'; which is a great skill but I found it didn't always translate directly into business life. I will be so interested in (and uber-supportive) of anything you do. Happy Friday and happy August. Lou xx

  3. Beautiful images for one of my fav months!