Tuesday, 10 June 2014

All things Summer and a Cautionary Tale on Hairdressers.

I think this girl is simply beautiful. 

 From Cabbages and Roses Summer 2014

The Cabbages and Roses Summer Brocante  was held at Brook Cottage last weekend. I went on the Friday, it was the most glorious sunny day. Fabulous Cabbages and Roses fabrics and clothes, vintage stalls, delicious food, very friendly atmosphere in  beautiful surroundings. I got some great props for styling the photographs for my new website, really looking forward to using them and setting up the shoot. It was a truly lovely day.

I have been rather neglectful of my blog recently, apologies for that. Putting the business together is now moving quickly. The garden is blooming which is lovely but the weeds are romping away and I am trying to keep up with them!

via Pinterest

Bad Hair (again)
On a separate note and in danger of sounding rather shallow, I had one of the most DISASTROUS hair cuts yesterday. I confess that I actually wanted to cry when i left the salon. I went in for highlights ( very good, very pleased) and a TRIM, yes TRIM, instead I seem to have lost all the new length  I had been  regrowing for the past few months, Hello.....
 I now resemble something from a tragic school photo of when I was about 12. I sent a text to my daughter telling her of my plight, she replied that it was actually the most hilarious thing she had ever heard... and please could I send her a photo! where is the female solidarity? I almost wish it would rain so I could wear a hat! ( I know, I know, it will grow again ).

Enjoy the week ahead.



  1. Oh damn those bad haircuts! I have to say that I have finally learned to not have my hair cut very often. This seems to work as long as I keep it in good condition and I have found a hairdresser who only cuts a tiny tiny amount off. I feel your pain!! As you know I have soooo been there! It will grow :-) L x

    1. Oh you are so right. I too have decided that From now on I am keeping well away from the scissors and just go for the highlights!

  2. Oh no, I totally sympathise with you...wouldn't you think that after a certain age, bad haircuts are no more....sadly not :( My hair is currently slightly too short, I cannot wait til it regrows.

    Love all your photos....I have that bathroom pinned too, I love it!

    Hope all the business plans are coming along well, can't wait until you share more....good luck!! Xx

  3. Oh no - your story reminds me of the time I cried all the way home on the bus because the hairdresser cut my fringe too( very) short.
    As Lou said, it will grow.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  4. I know those kind of haircuts, when you wish you had cancelled...hence I've not had a haircut for about a year....it's way too long for a woman my age, but people are saying it looks great, so I'm keeping it! Good luck with the business plans, can't wait to see what you're up to! Sharon x