Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Gorgeous Young


There is something supremely wonderful about young people. Their incredible ability to go from huge bursts of energy until the small hours of the morning, to finding it almost impossible to get out of bed until lunchtime! 

These gorgeous young creatures seem oblivious to their own burgeoning beauty. I am reminded of foals with their long, elegant  legs, still growing. tanned and perfect.

 Now that my daughter has left school, I miss the endless bodies, both male and female strewn in the garden on warm summer days, the make shift beds when so many decide to stay over, along with the rounds of bacon sandwiches and mugs of tea that are apparently essential fodder for a teenager! Heading off in various cars, music blaring, body boards loaded for the beach, returning, sun kissed, trailing dripping wetsuits and endless sand!

I am always amazed at just what my daughter and her girlfriends could possibly find to talk about for SO long deep into the night, endless giggles and screams of indignation at any boy stepping out of line. I love the fierce protection of their friendships and their loyalty and compassion for each other.

I have been reminded of these days by a wonderful extract from a book I have just read. It moved me hugely on reading it as it resonated completely. 

Wonderful, so true, magical powers indeed! Book extract from Toast and Marmalade and Other Stories by Emma Bridgewater 



  1. I soooo get this - rarely do I read a post where I can relate to every word but this one (bar the fact that they leave in cars - not there yet) I do. It's a new territory for me; this house full of teenagers, but I do like it and that piece of writing so well captures what it feels like. There is something magical about the middle ground between child and adult. I can't fathom how little real responsibility they have and how much they will take on (as we did!). It's a golden time. Lovely post. L x

  2. I have four children - three teens and an almost teen - and like you, I celebrate their youth and the magic of who they are becoming as they change each day. What a poignantly lovely post. I so enjoyed it and can't wait to read more - will be following you from now on - so pleased to find you. Imogen x

  3. Your post echoes my own sentiments, only yesterday did five rowdy teenagers in the throes of completing their GCSEs trailblaze through the house, deepened voices, no longer little boys, but young men...what a noise, but what a joy...this phase...so short... Sharon x

  4. Oh, you're making me cry. And I'm not even sure why. What a wonderful, loving, sightful post. I almost think it's because you so clearly love others besides yourself, see their beauty, and share it. That shouldn't be as rare a gift as it is.

  5. p.s. Aside from just teenagers, there is a great magic even in young animals, especially puppies. If your outlook ever becomes jaded, all you need is a young dog to run circles around you, every line in their face and body shouting, "Oh, isn't life *good*?! Isn't it wonderful?!?"