Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Things of Beauty

Beautiful images to brighten your day. All of these stunning photographs are by the hugely talented Ali Allen. The above images are from a collaboration with the equally talented Selina Lake. 

I recently bought a truly fabulous cook book by Amber Rose called Love Bake Nourish. It too is photographed by Ali Allen and is simply beautiful.

The recipes in this book are truly delicious.



  1. So pretty and with the sun shining this morning I'm now dreaming of a lazy country summer!!! That Pavlova looks incredibly yummy (I'm also now really hungry for a piece of cake too)!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda

  2. Hi Glenda, isn't it heaven to see some sun?! I can't rate this cookbook highly enough, it is beautifully written and the recipes are just too yummy for words. Lots of Love x

  3. Such exquisite pictures. The colours are perfect for me! And that cookbook? I am very tempted.

    Happy Wednesday to you.


  4. I do agree that beautiful images brighten the day and these are wonderful. The cookbook really appeals to me as I feel that the photography is as important as the recipes! The pavlova looks amazing!