Friday, 28 February 2014

My Enduring Childhood Love

The lovely Coco Brooks photographed on her pony Polo for Teen Vogue

My love for horses and ponies started at a very young age, in fact I cannot remember a time when I wasn't mad about them. As a child I was completely obsessed with riding and just being around horses. My Mother brought me up almost single handedly, she worked hard to give me the many things I both needed and wanted. I didn't own a pony of my own so I offered to muck out stables, clean tack and do other odd jobs for those who had horses so that I could ride in exchange of payment. 

Love this, via Pinterest

 Coco Brooks

For a while we lived in Singapore as my Father was in the Royal Air Force. I remember being absolutely heartbroken that in the two years we lived there, not once did I even see a horse let alone get the chance to ride one! Once we had returned to England I nagged my Mother relentlessly to allow me to have a pony for the winter from a nearby riding stables that  loaned out the ponies during the quiet months. My then best friend and I spent every spare moment we had on our ponies. We rode for hours  across Dartmoor, often bareback with only a head collar, no saddle or bridles, only returning when it was too dark to see properly or safely and supper beckoned. 

The perfect childhood bedroom!

Coco's beautiful bedroom and rosettes via Here. I still have my rosettes and those belonging to my daughter.

   Truly my happiest childhood memories are of times spent with these beautiful animals. It is an enduring love that I have never grown out of, they become your friends and you never forget them. Sadly I do not have horses anymore, but my daughter has inherited my love for them, she too has wonderful memories of her younger days in the Pony Club, picnic rides with friends, and that very special bond and relationship that you gain. It is both thrilling and freeing to be out in the countryside on a horse. Simply perfect.

A wonderful cover photograph of Coco and her Father Charlie for the 2013 J.Crew catalogue.

All the images of Coco Brooks are via the wonderful blog I Love Your Style by Amanda Brooks

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  1. A beautiful post, I too love horses but I only I took up riding when my two daughters started riding and doing dressage when they were very young...such beautiful've probably read the book The Man who listens to horses by Monty Roberts...a beautiful book...happy weekend...

  2. Oh, my goodness. I have never read this post of yours before. "A Pony For the Winter" by Helen Kay was one of my very favorite books when I was a child. I can't believe that you actually had the chance to do that. You lived one of my dreams. And wrote about it beautifully here.