Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fresh Page

image via the curious bumblebee

Maybe it's because we have a beautiful sunny day here, but I woke this morning thinking how lucky we are that each new morning is like a fresh start. A blank page with no mistakes, clean and unused, a means to start anew. I love the feeling that with each new day you can, should you feel the need or choose to, reinvent yourself, put any regrets, badly chosen words or deeds behind you. Become a better version of yourself. A clean slate. It is easy to forget sometimes that we have choices and control over ourselves, outside influences are such that at times it can be easy to be swept along by others or opinions that we are uncomfortable with. So with this gorgeous almost Spring like day here, I am in "new term" mood, fresh pages, no crossings out, my page is new, just waiting for me to write something real, truthful and relevant to me.

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  1. Beautiful tekst and beautiful pictures.

    Fine weekend

  2. Love this post, very well true & yet so hard to remember at times, we do get swept along, embroiled & distracted, you are so right.

    Isn't it nice to see some sunshine, today was glorious in London...enjoy the rest of your week-end Xx

  3. Thank you Simone. Yes hasn't the sun been such a tonic after all that devastating wind and rain. I so hope you and your family have had a lovely half term. X

  4. What a lovely sentiment - almost cinematic, the idea of getting a clean slate every morning. I wanted to thank you for the email you sent me recently. I was so touched and had it not been a crazy half term I would not be so behind on my correspondence, I would have replied already. I love that you have forged the way ahead of me in this parenthood thing; experience counts for so much. Lou x

    1. Thank you Lou. I hope you had a great half term and that the sun shone for you some of the time. X