Monday, 6 January 2014

Make a start

Although I welcome the new year and new start. I do also feel a measure of pressure and expectation to reach new highs, reinvent myself, do something amazing.....Don't misunderstand me, I hope 2014 brings all sorts of new opportunities, achievements and discoveries, I just don't want to beat myself up if these goals aren't reached immediately!

As some of you will have read in previous posts, I am planning to set up a small business. This is still very much in the offing, but it takes time, money, courage and commitment. All things I am prepared for, but I am realistic, I want it to be RIGHT for me. I am rather a perfectionist, annoyingly so at times, so until I am certain that all the components are as they should be, I will take my time, research more, experiment more, learn more and let it BREATHE and GROW

Many of you who already have a business or are in the process of starting something will know that sometimes you have to change your plans along the way, for your own benefit or those governed by others, normally there is a good, valid reason for doing so and the end result is all the better for it. So i take my time until I can happily and confidently introduce my little business to you all.

Images via la la la bonne vie and crush cul de sac and previous post

 Cowparsely xxx


  1. Beautiful images and I am smitten with the pink rose-decked dress in your header picture! Good luck with your new venture and happy, peaceful, creative New Year to you!


  2. That is SO exciting, well done you!!

    I read your post and immediate thought of Lou, since I am sure with her journey last year with her own business, she will know exactly what you are feeling right now....and will no doubt have some wisdom to offer you.

    So last year you got married & moved house....this year a new business. If that isn't impressive then I don't know what is, you are LIVING, you are DOING STUFF....I don't know what I am doing with my time LOL!!

    Very excited for you...and look forward to hearing more when you are ready....good luck!

    Happy New Year Xx

  3. When the time is right, and you are ready, you will do it! I am planning to branch out in a new additional direction from my design background….but as you say, these things take time, and we perfectionists need to get everything in place first! Good luck and I shall be excited to hear more in time!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sophia x