Friday, 31 January 2014


I have gone all Miss Marple today, Oh yes, I shall pop on my tweeds, put the basket on my bike and head off to the village for my teacakes. Of course along the way I shall meet the vicar, the lady of the manor with the very dodgy looking butler and, no doubt uncover a ghastly murder. I shall have this case all wrapped up and solved by lunchtime so that I am sure to make tea with cousin sissy!!

Just imagine, one day it will be warm and sunny again We will able to run barefoot on the beach, have long, lazy picnics. Swim in the sea and feel the sun on our backs! No REALLY we will. You wait and see........

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Have a wonderful weekend :-) Thank you for your comments and for following.


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  1. When I read this post I was dreaming away with Miss Marple..........Lovely written.
    Have a nice weekend!