Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Colour

images via simply pix, the curious bumblebee and jug of dahlias Sarah Raven

So how has your week been so far? Rather a grey uninspiring day here in Somerset. Thought an injection of colour would be good for us all! Love this well dressed lamb, we haven't as yet had snow here, I do know that many of my American readers have had a lot! I have been catching up over the past few days on my blog reading. As always Lou writes here with honesty and wisdom. If you want some interior inspiration drop by and visit Sophia here, her home is simply gorgeous, I cannot imagine us ever getting to that stage with our house build, ha ha.

 Roses, perfect.

image simply pix

These daisies are so uplifting.

Happy Weekend


  1. Although snow is what makes winter beautiful, I would trade places with your right now. We're having the winter from hell that just goes on and on and on with bitterly cold temps and snow every few days. We've been lucky to not have much accumulation, but some parts of the country are buried in it. So wishing it were spring.
    Thanks for your lovely photos and your banner is beautiful. Your lovely blog always lifts my spirits.

    1. Oh thank you Cindy, hope the snow thaws soon, it will be Spring again, really it will. Have a great weekend xxx

  2. Beautiful pictures as always, and thank you so much for your incredibly kind and touching comment and link to my blog! I have no doubt that your build will be a stunning success… have a wonderful eye and great style! It will be worth the wait, I promise……

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Sophia x