Saturday, 14 December 2013

Keep It Simple

images from letrecivettefattoamano

Strange to say, I think I may have peaked too early! I get SO excited about Christmas, usually way too early towards the end of November. The big day hasn't even arrived yet, but already I am longing for pots of hyacinths, clear, white surfaces and a fresh start. I need to recapture the spirit of the season. Perhaps I need a large glass of mulled wine and some quiet time with the Christmas tree!!!

Have a Christmassy weekend


  1. Hello! I really am convinced that I have peaked too soon! November is more festive for me as it is the build-up - now everything is so saturated with commercialism that I loose the will! Such a shame as it used to be such a magical time. I think we all need to go and live in the Outer Hebrides and have rations all winter, then we might actually appreciate the festivities when they finally come! Bah humbug! I wish it wasn't so but I fear we have ruined it for ourselves! Ugh - bring on the hyacinth season!! L x

  2. I have been decorating since July so I am with you! But it is so pretty.

  3. Ha ha! I so relate to this! I definitely start and peak too early! The large glass of mulled wine sounds a perfect idea.....

    Sophia x