Monday, 9 December 2013

Happy New Week

images via previous posts and the fuller view

I hope that all your Christmas preparations are progressing as planned. My husband was away for a few days last week visiting relatives abroad, so my daughter and I had a wonderful evening decorating the Christmas tree. There is a longstanding joke that I am rather OCD about the tree, (well quite a few things actually) so I do tend to rearrange things once everyone has left and I am on my own! Choosing the tree is my job and one I take very seriously, I love a real tree it has to be the perfect shape with thick needles. You can't beat the smell of a fir tree and any branches that need trimming are perfect for making the wreaths for the door.

image © Fox & Dahlia

image via here check out this beautiful farm for rustic shoot locations. They also feature in the latest edition of Country Living magazine.

image via the curious bumblebee

Have a great week, I would love some snow!



  1. Lovely blog and gorgeous photos! Yes, the snow is enchanting isn't it?!!! Come visit me here on the east coast of the US. We got our first snow of the year yesterday - 8 inches when only 3 were predicted! But that's okay, I'm staying warm by the fire and making cookies today!

  2. You can have our snow. Ha ha! Seriously, we've had more snow than ever for this time of year. A bad omen for the winter months ahead.
    Love your photo collections as always. Happy holidays from abroad.

    1. Beautiful winter and christmas images. I love the image of the fox on the collage, I suppose you have not seen him yourself.

    2. Hi Janneke, thank you so much for your comment. No this Fox wasn't seen by me, however we do have a lot of Foxes here where we live and see them often.

  3. Glad I'm not the only one with a little OCD when it comes to the tree! I have put up one of my two that we do each year, but have promised to wait for my daughter to come home on Sunday to do the other.....never too old to enjoy this lovely festive ritual! A little snow would be perfect wouldn't it!

    Sophia x

    Found the feature on Walnut Farm very interesting....thank you for the link.

  4. I just love Walnuts farm! Have you seen their chicken house? It's adorable!
    Bonne journée!