Tuesday, 19 November 2013

That Time Of Year

 I hadn't realised it had been so long since my last post. where does the time go? I guess it has something to do with "that time of year". Suddenly we seem to be hurtling full on towards Christmas, how did that happen? We have been so immersed in the building here that somehow the days/weeks pass and we haven't noticed.

I love the whole Christmas package, yet although I promise myself each year to be more organised, buy less, plan more, worry less etc, it always seems to arrive and I am as unprepared as previous years. Maybe the secret is to just go with the flow and hang the consequences!

 I am one of those people that adores buying presents for others. I love to hunt out things that will really suit the recipient, so each year it becomes more difficult to achieve. Confess, last year I did nearly all my shopping online, it arrived in great time, no crowds, travel, fighting for a parking space etc. Think I will probably do this again, and maybe just choose a few special things in person. 

I love wrapping gifts in front of the fire with a great Christmas type film on, something like the Holiday, cheesy, romantic and so in season.

images via crush cul de sac, patterson maker, the curious bumblebee and the fuller view.

My daughter has returned from her travels, safe and brown, full of wonderful stories and memories. A journal bursting with every detail and reminder to share forever. Somehow knowing she will be sharing Christmas with us makes it so much more worthwhile. Now where is that mince pie?



  1. Such a pretty post. Christmas will be in full swing before we know it…

  2. Gorgeous images! I too prefer to buy most presents online, and then look out for a few special bits and pieces at a couple of the beautiful Christmas fairs around. So pleased your daughter is home safely and has had a wonderful trip......you must be thrilled to have her home, and in time for Christmas!

    Sophia x

  3. How have I missed your blog - so beautiful. These images get me in the Christmas spirit. Love the child with the sled! Happily following ~

  4. Beautiful images which are helping me to get into the festive mood. Each year I always intend to be super organised with everything bought and wrapped well before Christmas so that I just have to relax, drink mulled wine and eat mince pies but it just doesn't happen - maybe this year? So pleased to have stumbled across your lovely blog!