Monday, 14 October 2013

Travel and Adventure

Some of you may remember from an earlier post of mine that my daughter is travelling in South East Asia with some friends. They have been gone for nearly 2 months and are having a wonderful time. They have experienced the chaos of Bangkok, the beautiful temples, a jungle walk and a fabulous Elephant trek where they swam in the river with the elephants. They have survived the obligatory sickness and sleeping in pretty horrid places when they had no other choice!

My daughter is the only girl in a group of 5 boys, 2 English and 3 Canadians, it seems to work well, she is certainly made to feel safe, they all seem to get along and so far there have been no problems. The only mishaps have been some cash taken from them, and being ripped off by a taxi driver and barman. If that is as tricky as it gets, I will be happy! They are currently travelling through Vietnam on motorbikes (this as a Mother causes me a few anxious moments) but, apparently this is what they all do and is a great way to see the country.
A rather large Typhoon is heading their way, they have moved to a better hotel (stronger building) and away from the coast. It is due to hit in the next 24 hours, so they are staying put and waiting for it to pass. Adventure certainly!

I love this photo, it has a wonderful sepia quality to it.

I miss her hugely, we are very close. However I am so thrilled that she has this opportunity and is making the most of it. They will have wonderful memories to cherish for many years and to share with others. I am so proud with how she is managing every new experience and challenge that comes her way. 

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  1. So nice of you to share your daughter's adventure and yours too. My daughter is leaving in January for a 6-month stay in Peru. As a single mom it is so hard to let your only child go so far away from home, but she is 24 now and wants to explore the other side of her heritage. She will be teaching English while she is there, which is a mystery to me since she knows so little Spanish, but kids are so much better with going with the flow than us older folks.
    Anyways, I feel the tug at your heart for having your best friend so far away. My daughter and I are very close too and your post helps me know I will survive the separation too.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hello! I was interested to read this as you do genuinely sound so behind your daughter's decision to travel, which is lovely of you and so unselfish! I am sure I would find it really hard, so you are a bit of a role model!

    I am finding myself wondering about your new venture - mentioned in previous posts. I hope it's all going well. Take care, L x

  3. Oh, this lovely post took me back four years, when my daughter Georgie was doing the very same trip that your daughter is doing! I too missed my 'best friend' and of course worried about her too! I was pleased that she also travelled with a group of boys, along with one other girlfriend which worked well. Isn't it exciting to see our offspring go confidently out in to the world and embrace everything it has to offer? Better to let them really 'live' rather than wrap them in cotton wool! All my three children have returned from their travels, stronger more confident and capable than before. You must be so proud of her, and what adventures you will be able to listen to on her return. I wish her a safe and wonderful trip going forward.

    Sophia x