Monday, 7 October 2013

Little Steps

images via, crush cul de sac, tiny white daisies, the curious bumblebee.

Hoping for better things this week. I have been floored by a particularly nasty throat infection which meant I spent my birthday and following days in bed dosed up with everything the chemist could give me. Now resorted to antibiotics so hopefully soon, goodbye throat infection, cough and sleepless nights. 
During my enforced stay in bed, I have been looking back over some of my earlier posts and was so alarmed to read that back in April 2012 I was talking about starting a business, low and behold 18months later, I am still talking about it!
 However this week has not been wasted, I have been researching suppliers, getting my design ideas down on paper, registering my name, brand and logo etc etc, all important and part of the bigger picture.
Actually when I look back, the ideas I had then, are not right for now. I have refined my plans, have a better focus on brand identity, a clearer idea of the product, my intended customer, quality requirements and all. Sometimes it takes a while to formulate a plan, I feel I have streamlined the whole business idea, I am happy about that. 

It is hugely important to me that my product is made in Britain, from conception right through to the end. I am passionate about using all the many wonderful suppliers and materials we have in this country. One thing I do know is that you simply cannot skimp on quality, nor would I want to.

image via the fuller view

We have a blanket of mist here in Somerset this morning, but it is clearing, hopefully it heralds a beautiful day ahead. Yesterday was the most gorgeous day, Autumn in all its glory. Perfect.

Have a Happy Week


  1. Poor you! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Your ideas sound exciting....and I am a great believer that things come together when the time is right....the best of luck, and I shall be so interested to hear further on your new venture.

    Have a lovely week!

    Sophia x

  2. Sorry you're sick! Hope you're much better by now. My birthday was in early October, too. What a blessing to have one's birthday in a favorite month!

    Sounds like you've laid solid foundation for starting your business...even just the planning is intriguing.

    Love the stone house photo in particular. And horse. And all.