Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wednesday Flowers

All images from here

I simply cannot imagine a life without flowers. They add another dimension to a room, regardless of the style of interior with their colour, textures and scent. Whatever the season there are flowers, berries and foliage to be picked and placed into all manner of different vases, containers or pots, let your imagination run wild.

See you soon.



  1. Beautiful flowers, you always have such great colours on your blog :)

    I hope that your wedding day was wonderful, congratulations to you!! Xx

  2. I agree......I could not live without flowers! A room doesn't feel the same without. How was your wedding? No doubt it was a wonderful day!

    Sophia x

  3. Me too, I've only got a tiny garden, but what I've grown I cut and bring indoors, and they add a gentleness to the interiors that objects just can't compete with. Happy weekend. Sharon x

  4. Gorgeous collage. They look like Dutch still lifes.