Thursday, 12 September 2013

Thursday Colour

Colour can create so many different atmospheres. It can soothe, energise and change the mood of a room throughout the day. I am completely obsessed by colour at the moment, I have so many tester pots of every shade painted onto card and positioned all over the house as I decide on the look I want for both the interior and exterior of our new home. My handbag is stuffed with fabric samples and colour charts, my family think I am dotty, if I visit anywhere I comment on the chosen colour and out comes the paint chart. At this time of year the colours seem more intense and conjure up the Autumn and Winter days and nights ahead. LOVE it.

All images via once wed, everly true, tiny white daisies, the murmuring cottage and the little corner.

On a separate note, Thank You so much for the lovely comments and wishes on my recent marriage. We had a wonderful day, very relaxed and low key, hugely enjoyable and memorable. Sadly we didn't have the beautiful sunshine that we have enjoyed for most of the Summer, however it did nothing to spoil our special day.



  1. lovely post love the autumn purple corlors leon10

  2. So glad to hear that your wedding day was beautiful in the truest ways.

    Beautiful plum colors in your photos...I just bought a few plums today, to make a mini-plum cake.

    I like how you mixed pink into your first collage, though it has an autumn theme. Isn't it odd how there's a memory of spring in the autumn? The flowers have a last burst of glory, and there's even a bit of honeysuckle blooming here and there in the cool weather. family pulls me away from the paint chip displays in stores. They draw me, and I have little stacks of paint chips in small baggies on my desk, my own color collections that I've assembled and take out to feed and soothe my spirit on occasion. Once I sent a color-themed gift box to a friend, including the paint chips that inspired the theme...gray purples and French blues.