Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Hooray For Autumn

Oh I LOVE Autumn, my absolute FAVOURITE season.

images via crush cul de sac, patterson maker, tiny white daisies and the little corner.


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  1. Hi. So glad you're back! Thank you for remembering us when there are so many other magnitudinal (is that a word?) milestones in your life.

    I'm with you on loving autumn and love these photos. Especially the unexpected citron color (the leaves DO turn a translucent spring green before turning traditional autumn colors, so it seems right) and the berry inspired collage.

    Also love the waffle cones (above). We had our last (probably) summer ice cream cones from a stand the other day...chocolate on waffle cones. And the cones were still hot from just being freshly made, but somehow didn't melt the ice cream. Yum.

    Love your new header. Is the sweetheart in the center a new family member?