Friday, 13 September 2013

Clear Thinking

I have so many thoughts and ideas trapped in my head that I simply do not know how to filter them all into some sort of meaningful plan. I know that many of you who follow me will understand EXACTLY what I mean. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to turn these thoughts into something creative and productive. My worries are numerous, what if I am not as creative or capable as I imagine? What if someone else does it all before me? What if I fail? Questions, doubts and hesitation.

Fear of failure should not be reason for doing nothing. It is the importance of making the very best of whatever talents I may have, realising a dream, doing something for ME, fulfilling a need to create.

Apart from the obvious requirements of financing any projects, sourcing materials etc etc, there is the concern that if my plan doesn't work, where does that leave my dreams? Having had these feelings of wanting to start my own business for SUCH an age, what would I do if I lose them?
There is I think something very special about women that decide to start a business of their own. Often (though of course not exclusively) these women are Mothers. I firmly believe this contributes hugely to achieving success. Raising a child is such an all consuming occupation and passion that, as in my case, once they leave home, the desire and instinct to NURTURE continues, I feel I NEED to nurture a business and raise it to the best of my ability.

Any advice welcomed!!


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  1. Wise words and such beautiful images! I think we all suffer 'stage fright' sometimes. Go for it! x

  2. so wonderful

  3. OK so here is my advice:

    Don't over-think it - the whole 'Pinterest'-inspired follow your dreams thing is there for sure, but remember that dreams alter and shift, just like clouds in the sky; it's OK for there to be change. I think there is no such thing as failure in these matters - you have a go, see where it takes you, learn along the way. Ideally don't sink your life-savings into it to start with. Start small, do what makes you happy - take small triumphs. I think when you start something you have to redefine what constitutes 'success'. A good friend of mine gave me this advice - it doesn't have to be BIG and WOW and MASSIVE; it can be little and quiet and still be a success. Many people are afraid to even try - so I think even trying is worthwhile.

    Don't assume that what you love, everyone will love, but work on the rule of thumb that good style is something people recognise when they see it so try to take that and put it into the thing you're creating. Start to follow people in whatever industry you're looking at and see what they do. Learn and learn and learn. And don't sweat the small stuff; things get ironed out.

    For me - I took the step and started something and now it's still something but not what I thought it would be. I have had to redefine a lot of my ideas along the way and I realised that it's hard to break into a profession or area that you don't have a background in. It's important that you love whatever it is you do and stand by that love - it will serve you well as a compass. But my advice is - just do it, start it, try it. See what happens.... :-) L x

  4. Whatever it is.......just go for it! Your blog is so beautiful, and you have a wonderful 'eye' so I have no doubt that whatever you are thinking of doing, will have that same inspiration. We all fear failure at times, but the fear of never trying something is far more frightening. If something doesn't work, then you won't die wondering. Life is short......take the plunge!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sophia x

  5. I highly recommend the book The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. It is giving "spiritual muscle" (dedication? discipline? fearlessness?) to my creative life, as well as unexpected other areas of my life.

    Also, she has another book that I haven't read, about collaboration, but my personal advice for a heart business is to keep complete control over it yourself so that you can maintain its vision, ethics, integrity, nobility, life...think of all the great creative loners. I think in a creative business, more than anywhere else in life, you will be astonished at what you find in others who you thought had the same value and vision. Work, give, create, but "guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life," and it's always one's heart that is extended into a creative business comprised of one's deepest loves. It's hard to create with one hand and defend oneself and one's dreams with the other, but I think it is the way it has to be done in this world, if it is to be done at all. And it's worth doing.

  6. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring, i'm sure that will carry over into whatever venture you want to pursue ... if you don't try, you may always regret and wonder...
    Ciao Bella,

  7. Your blog is so beautiful! I am looking forward to your new venture. Go for it!