Monday, 25 March 2013

On The Move.

images via the curious bumble bee, pretty stuff, crush cul de sac and the fuller view.

I move house and county on Wednesday, so all is very busy here, not to mention rather chaotic!
We are  moving just over the Devon border into Somerset. The house is gorgeous but we have a building project ahead of us and plans for a lovely garden/orchard. I am also getting married again later in the year so 2013 promises to be a new start after a few roller coaster years. Hoping so much for a lovely Spring (eventually!) and a warm dry Summer to help our build along.

My new house.

I will be away from my blog for a short while but will be back with you as soon as I can. Meanwhile, I do hope the sun will shine on all of us.



  1. WOW Happy New House! It looks amazing and can't wait to see the pics inside ... it looks like there are roses around the door (my dream) too ...

    Hope the move goes smoothly

    Love Claire xx

  2. Love your new house! can't wait to see pictures, hope all goes well for you sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  3. good luck with youre new house looks very pretty

  4. Wow, your new house is so beautiful. I look forward to hearing more about it xxx

  5. What a gorgeous house, can't wait to read your updates on projects. Have a lovely week. Sharon

  6. Wow, your home is beautiful, looking forward to seeing some photos of it. Congrats on the wedding, we got married last year, the time flies by so quick. Best wishes

    All things nice...

  7. So happy to read your good news, many congratulations, how lovely for you!!

    Your new home is GORGEOUS, am green with envy!!! I cannot wait to hear & see more, you will be sharing won't you?! I bet it has a lovely garden.

    Good luck with the move XX

  8. Congratulations all round.
    Good luck with your move and your future project. Look forward to hearing (and seeing) your plans come to fruition.
    Have a lovely Easter,
    Liz x

  9. Beatuiful are about to have a wonderful time, just keep your eye on that last box. It will come!
    Found you via a 2010 post in my Pinterest file...just linked the image (Alli Allen) with your link on my Facebook page. How the world turns... Happy Unpacking! :)

    Jeanne... Collage of Life

  10. All the best for you move, do enjoy reading about your adventures. Look forward to photos of your new place! Minerva ~

  11. Glad to discover your lovely blog, hope we can communicate after the move.Wish you Happy Easter!

  12. I love your new home because it has a traditional design. How did you come across with it? I think you should proceed with whatever garden plans you have in mind because you have a spacious yard out there, and it would look more beautiful if it’s surrounded with lovely and colorful plants.

    Gertrude Poulsen

  13. Hope the move goes well. I love moving. I too am green with envy, that house is beautiful. Enjoy and be happy in your home. I shall drop by for updates.