Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Weekend.

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The end of another week, mine has been mostly work and trying to get the new house into some sort of order. I inherited a few hens and a cockerel with the house, they were somewhat neglected on arrival, but after a rather expensive trip to my local feed merchants and a lovely new hen house, they have repaid me today with my first eggs!! 

Most of the boxes are now unpacked, there is a lot to do decoration wise, and I confess to having very clear ideas of how I want it to look and the style I hope to achieve. I have an unhealthy amount of colour charts, and yet I always end up using a similar palette from my favourite paint company. The mistake I have made in other homes is to rush to get a certain feeling of comfort in place, and this often means that the decorating happens much later than desired. To date I have got as far as buying lots of tester pots and painting different parts of rooms and walls in a myriad of colours. My current favourite is lime white by Farrow and Ball, it seems to work in any light and is perfect for an old house like this one. I think that it is the thought of all the preparation prior to actually applying the paint that is putting me off, but I will do it, I know it will be lovely and worth it. My aim with this house is to have a 'simpler, cleaner' decor. Every time I visit the wonderful blog  Dreamy Whites I come away wanting so much to recreate the wonderful interior featured, but sadly I fail achieve it, somehow life in the English countryside dictates a more eclectic decor, I will work with what I have.



  1. Beautiful always.

    Congratulations on the eggs! I so miss having space in the country.


  2. Oooh, how exciting having a whole house to decorate! Glad you've settled in and emptied the dreaded boxes ... enjoy your weekend

    Claire xxx

  3. Hello...oh I am envious of your new start! I love our house but having been here nine years I do yearn for something different! We painted throughout in 'slipper satin' by F&B but even that is not quite white enough for me. I am thinking of starting again with white WHITE! I too want everything to be minimal and clear - so much easier said than done in modern life, I find. Enjoy the eggs - living the dream! Lou x

  4. I am totally in love with Dreamy Whites too! However, I always seem to start off wanting a clean white palette (I've used Slipper Satin AND Lime White in the past) and then the 'colour gremlin' in me gets involved and it all starts going rustic country with lots of pinks, stripes and florals.
    Exciting to have a fresh start though, and you're right about getting stuck in straight away. I'm still living with heavy patterned deep red and deep green wallpaper in two of my rooms while I wait for inspiration to hit me with the 'perfect colour" - and thats almost THREE YEARS after moving in - sigh!
    Good luck,
    Paula x