Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Those of you who follow me (Thank You) will have noticed a slight leaning towards the arrival of Autumn,  well spotted Liz from The Snowdrop Project. The Autumn is my favourite time of year. Somehow, to me it is THE season to really appreciate living in the countryside. 

As you know, I am moving on Friday so I will post again once I have emerged from the cardboard boxes.

 For now I will leave you with a treat..........

images via David Fuller and the little corner.

Now, if only I could unpack him!!!



  1. Phwoarrr!!! No other words needed really. Good luck with the move. Paula x

  2. What an uplifting post, I love Autumn too, so good to be in the woods at this time.

  3. I wish you the very best with the move and the new place. I enjoy your blog so much and I really appreciate your honest self reflections and the beautiful photos you choose to share with your readers. I would love to know how you group your photos together as a collage. Perhaps you can share that trick with me someday. Keep doing what you're doing. You are a great inspiration!
    Take good care. Hugs from across the pond.
    Carole at

  4. Mrs Black and I so agree with you! Autumn really is the most wonderful season in the country. Looking forward to soft lavender scented blankets to cuddle up in and the smell of the first lit fire.

    As for that gentleman ..... well .... very dreamy!

    All the best for the move - thinking of you. Minerva x

  5. I agree, last autumn having moved to the countryside in spring I couldn't believe how incredible everything looked.
    Your first photo is so beautiful ...
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Fiona xx

  6. Dreamy! Good luck with the move.