Friday, 1 June 2012

Hip Hip Hooray.

Here in Britain we are celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this weekend.
There are events taking place in every corner of the country. I am hoping to join friends for much merriment, games and camping. SO 1952, so please, no rain, I am a fair weather camper!

Lashings of ginger beer, cream teas, groovy tents and bunting everywhere. 

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a thrilling, jolly and smashing time.



  1. I'm totally in love with all your colleges!
    have a nice week end!

  2. have a wonderful, wonderful time celebrating.

    i am guilty of stopping by many times to wallow in the fresh beauty of your collages, and not leaving a comment. please forgive me! :-)

    seeing your beautiful collages--you have such a gift for assembling beauty!--soothes, inspires, and refreshes my soul. i'll try not to go away from now on without saying hello and thank you. you are solely responsible for the few collages i've tried to create in some of my blog posts...i've tried to make them look as dreamy and soul-uplifting as yours.

    your post today makes me want to stitch a pile of old quilts, then curl up on one out in the grass and sky-wander in spirit. sweet simplicity.


  3. Lovely, jubilant pictures! Have a fab weekend, Claire xxx

  4. I love your pictures today especially the top one. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebration.
    Sarah x

  5. Good luck if you are camping, have fun!! XX