Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello Sun!

Hooray for the sunshineit is out at last here in Devon.

I will plan on making the most of it, I am not sure how long it is going to be with us.

images via, cognac and coffee, inspiration lane.



  1. What beautiful flowers! They've really brightened my day ... it's still a bit grey and dismal here oop north. Have a lovely day, Claire xxx

  2. dear friend. I alway enjoy you beautiful posts I just want to write you a little to thanks for all the beauty you share with us!
    Saluti dall'Italia

  3. Our weather is certainly VERY confused at the moment. Over here in Norfolk the sun is shining today as well. Yesterday was a complete downpour resulting in the cancellation of the school Maypole celebrations for May Day - and then now we have the tropics - I can't keep up. Thanks for the beautiful images - a much needed slice of calm and tranquility! Paula x

  4. Love the jug of flowers. Doesn't the sunshine make a difference. Yesterday I sat outside for an afternoon cuppa and we walked the dogs in the warm dusk at almost 9 pm. Today is overcast again though, and much chillier - back to a warm cardi again. Hoping the sunshine stays a little longer soon - lovely post - wish I was in Devon today!