Thursday, 26 April 2012

Twists and Turns.

What is with ALL this rain?!


Things are about to change for me in my personal life. Not what I had expected, things up ahead all look a bit up in the air and scary at present, but I am remaining hopeful, strong and I am determined that my worry and uncertainty will pass and will herald a new chapter in my life. I liken it to packing a suitcase, no longer will I continue to take things that are out of date, or bad for me. I only want to pack my happy memories, useful skills and experiences that I have learnt along the way and hopes. I want to leave space in my case for all the good things that will come my way up ahead. This has become a bit of a mantra with me at the moment, optimism!

Adorable, I would love a little cottage like this.

So Pretty

images via: the gifts of life, petite vanou and tiny white daisies.

Thank you to the lovely Lou for this quote.



  1. Everything does happen for a reason
    Just go for it, you may surprise even yourself


  2. Hoping the changes are for the better. Keeping you in my thoughts.