Monday, 30 April 2012

Stormy Monday.

Glorious colours for a blustery day. It was a wild and stormy night here in England. Woke to fallen branches and swollen rivers, am I missing something, isn't it meant to be Spring?!!

Calm, soft shades for a stormy day.


Images via: Nick Carter, Gap interiors and this little french bullblog.

I realised this morning, that yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my blog! I can't imagine being without it, I love the way it allows me to be creative and discover wonderful new friends. Thank You.

Happy New Week.


  1. Despite the storm you have posted such beautiful images.
    I will keep you in prayer and ask that the new week bring blessings beyond your dreams.


  2. Beautiful images....and well done you on two years of lovely blogs :)

    Thinking of you and wishing you well, take care XX

  3. Happy Blog anniversary! So sorry to hear that you're riding a storm - You and your blog are such an inspiration - you'll definitely come out the other end stronger - your beautiful thoughts and images have certainly helped me through a few low moments. Best and warmest wishes. x

  4. Lovely images, and hugs to you. Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! Xx

  5. What wonderful images, I know the weather is awful here too. I think we are going backways instead of forward to Summer. I posted about it yesterday.

    All things nice...

  6. Happy blog anniversary to you - your blog is amazing!
    So sorry to hear about the uncertainties in your life. We are always here for you - just a tap and a click away. Take care - storms soon pass and leave the way clear for rainbows and sunshine, I hope they come your way as soon as possible xx

  7. Lovely images to brighten up a wet day. Congratulations on your 2nd blog birthday. Hope things turn out for you better than you imagine.
    Sarah x

  8. Doesn't time fly! sometimes it feels like yesterday since I started to write a blog. I hope that you soon begin to feel positive and stronger very soon and maybe the sun will come out eventually.