Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fab and Groovy!

crush cul de sac

Still feeling a little groggy and these Amazing trousers made me smile.

Ice-Cream Colours.

Brrrr! Can you believe it, it is actually snowing here in Devon. What has happened to the gorgeous sunny days we had last week? Hope these soft, ice cream colours will help to bring the sunshine back.

pretty stuff

check out these vintage jugs from here



  1. I love these colours, they have brightened my day, its so cold here too!
    Thea x

  2. Hi!
    Here in Poland the weather is also very strange. Today is very warm, sunny, yesterday - sleet :]
    Lovely photos, greetings ! :)

  3. It's turned freezing here in Norfolk too - thankfully no snow (as yet!) but HEAPS of rain. All very bizarre considering we were in shorts a few days ago!!