Friday, 27 April 2012

Friday Prettiness.

Some pretty images to lift the spirits at the end of a very wet week here in England, PLEASE can we have some warm sunshine soon!!!

Thank you for your comments, they matter.

From the wonderful Green and Gorgeous Flowers

images, the little corner, once wed, tiny white daisies, the gifts of life and caroline arber.

Have A Lovely Weekend xxx


  1. Happy Friday! I know what you mean about the weather; seriously!! I need some sun. I need some weather stability - my garden is a swamp! Lovely images here - especially the children. That little girl with apples in her skirt is precious. Hope you are getting used to your new arrangement at home. I'm sure she will be back with her laundry any day soon! L x

  2. SO pretty! And yes - I'll sign that petition - SUNSHINE AND HIGHER TEMPERATURES IN ENGLAND NOW PLEASE!!! (Especially over here in Norfolk -lol!)
    Have a great weekend.x

  3. NEWS FLASH! IT'S NOT RAINING here at the moment! Hope you have a lovely weekend too,

    Sarah -x-

  4. Beautiful imagery! You have a lovely weekend too! Xxx

  5. Such pretty pictures!! Hoping your week end is a Happy one!

  6. Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with sunshine! The images are so so pretty. Glad I found you! You've been added to my favorites! :)

  7. Hello, just found your beautiful blog via Jill - Nice Day at Rosies.

    Couldn't agree more - we need warmth and sunshine - NOW!