Saturday, 7 April 2012

Boat Race.

What a dramatic race and oh so unfortunate. Every year I watch this amazing battle between the 2 most famous and illustrious universities in the world. My other half is a rower so we love this race. My heart goes out to the Oxford crew and I hope that Alex Woods soon recovers. However congratulations to Cambridge, the winning crew, I just wish they could have won it in different circumstances.

Let us hope that the 2013 race will be the classic that this one promised to be. A truly wonderful sporting event, ruined by someone with no understanding of what it means to compete with pride and honour.



  1. Gosh well said; I can't get over how that one event of a protesting swimmer, then has a knock-on effect on a re-start, then a broken oar, then a medical emergency. Actually it was quite hard to watch at times...but thoughts now for Alex must have been complete physical/mental exhaustion. Still, a British tradition that we can be proud of. Lou x

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  3. I totally agree, it definitely put a damper on the entire event.
    Next year they will have increased security I am sure of it. What a great black and white photograph! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sharon