Friday, 9 March 2012

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Best of British.

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The unmistakeable Lou

I am always amazed by the sheer number of blogs out there, It is always a pleasure to stumble across a new one, often found while visiting a favourite. However, it is a true delight when you discover a blog that becomes an essential part of your blogging day.
 One of the very first blogs I came across, Lou Boos and Shoes is a cut above the rest, a rare discovery that really counts. 

Lou is clearly a gifted communicator, she writes with intelligence, skill, care, compassion and humour. An outstanding feature for me is Lou's innate truthfulness, nothing is written for effect, or because it is the "cool" way of thinking, it is beautifully crafted with a real generosity. Lou is honest with herself and her reader. I love the way she shares her thoughts with us, and then, in a self deprecating manner, worries that she has said too much!! A genuine trait that only makes for an even more rewarding read and insight into her life.

Like the other blogs I have featured in my Best of British,  I look forward to Lou's post with real anticipation at what she has chosen to write about on that day, I find that it matters to me that all in her world is Good.

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Lou Boos and Shoes is a real Gift of a blog, inspiring, funny, moving, sincere, gracious and a Fantastic read. I have never met Lou, but I know I would like her Enormously.

I could not feature a post about Lou without including an image of some shoes!!!!!

Thank you Lou x

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  1. Hello!!! Oh my... I secretly hoped I might feature in this series of yours and here I am! I am so touched, you've written the sweetest, most flattering things. I still find it amazing how much my bog has given me, but to hear it resonates with others like you is wonderful too. I love the picture montages! I must have published thousands of pictures but seeing them like that is a treat! Thank you thank you thank you. My heart swells to read this. Lou x