Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air.

Love these new cockerel designs from Here

check out the lovely new website from Here

Happy Days!


  1. Your images are always so beautiful and inspiring, absolutely love them. So glad the sun is finally out today! Sharon

  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Those Spring lambs nearly made me fall of my seat with laughter - they're so gorgeous! Love the colours of that twin room in particular - my twin girls would LOVE that - thanks for the inspiration. x

  3. All your photos are so cheerful and bright and make you think of warm sunny days, which seems to be what we are having this morning. So back out to the greenhouse for me (well after a bit of ironing!!) keep finding these great images to inspire us.

  4. A much older cousin let me pet a lamb on his farm. The little creature was only a few days old and felt as soft as silk. I've never forgotten the sensation of my fingers gently patting its white coat. The photo you've included of the lambs reminded me of that sweet time and dear cousin. Thank you!