Saturday, 31 March 2012

Back To Earth Saturday.

Well they said it would happen, the amazing hot weather that we have enjoyed here has now sadly gone. Today it is grey and cold, I am sad to say I feel like that too. 
Are you a glass half full, or glass half empty sort of person? I try very hard to be the first, but often fail in my attempt to be optimistic. Found myself becoming very annoyed and really disappointed in my fellow country folk yesterday as I witnessed queues of needless traffic, screaming for petrol. WHY ? it is so selfish and unnecessary.

My daughter leaves home next weekend to move into a flat with 2 of her friends. I am happy for her, love her excitement, but, I am going to miss her SO much! I know I shouldn't be selfish, but I don't really want her to go yet. However, I have warned them that I will be visiting, often, with cakes, clean washing and little treats for the house! No, she is not giving me a key.

We think we may at last have a buyer for our house here in Devon. It has made me ask all sorts of questions of myself, where do I want to go? What is the next chapter? What new challenges lie ahead? Will I be happy?........  HELP, I wish I wasn't prone to such worry and self angst. Do all women ask so much of themselves and those around them?

Have a wonderfully contented weekend.



  1. I empathize totally, my eldest daughter also moved out last week, a mixture of sadness and joy...and the queues for petrol have been horrendous this last week...hope it doesn't continue next week...
    Hope you find a lovely new home. Sharon

  2. I'm at the other end of it, my daughter just started kindergarten last week, but we Have to miss them don't we, that's one of the lovely things about parenting :)
    You'll be grand! :)

  3. lovely here;) happy spring for You!and good thoughts!

  4. Hello sweet, oh I wish I could just give you a big hug! Consider this a virtual one! I hear you; the weather change has been hard to stomach. I think the one problem with being British is that when we have sun, we cherish it so much and then it is always so short-lived. I find myself wondering what on earth it would be like to live somewhere where it's sunny all the time. Must be heaven.

    Don't get me started on the petrol queues - just crazy and made a sunny afternoon go bad as I too got stuck in traffic for no reason. Why aren't people more 'keep calm and carry on'!! I can see now why in wartime they devised that poster.

    Finally on your daughter moving out and 'the next stage'; even though I am not there yet I so empathise. I feel like every day she is slipping out of my hands. It's so subtle but even when I look at photos of her from a few years ago I see how much she's grown. I am sure that the anticipation of the event will be worse than the reality; but still. I look back on when I moved out of home, my Mum was on her own and she shouldered the change with such grace. In actual fact it must have been really hard. Of course I was oblivious! Typical. epic comment but just to say - we are here with you in spirit, full of understanding. It will be OK. Promise. Lou x

  5. Always sad when your children reach milestones in their lifes, you will miss her, but you will cherish the time you have with her when you visit. Are you moving out of Devon? I will miss my fellow devon girl if you do!!!
    hope all goes well for you I really do.

  6. Every coin we're given has two sides, doesn't' it? Feeling optimistic/pessimistic. Being healthy/under-the-weather. Having children arrive/leave. Treasure both sides. They make it possible to have some sense of balance in life.