Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday Offerings.

I am on a low carb diet at the moment,  really miss something yummy. oohhh, how I would love a big slice of this lemon meringue pie!

Speaking of something delicious.......Look who has just dropped by!!
Hunger makes one imagine silly things..

all images via beauty and grace, hopscotch and meggie lynne



  1. I am off tonight to see my friend George

    in the pictures, oh yummy! I will pass on a slice of lemon meringue pie, George is sweet enough!


  2. Hi!
    I've been given the opportunity to award a couple of blogs with the "Liebster Award" and I've chosen your blog to be one of them because I think it is full of inspiration and beautiful images! I hope you'll pop over to my blog and read more about it! I had to call you "Devon Girl" because I don't know your name, hope you don't mind :)
    Have a lovely day!