Wednesday, 22 February 2012

British Bloggers.

Best Of British.

I promised you a little while ago, that I would feature some of my very favourite British based bloggers. I have chosen blogs that I consider to be the very best out there, without exception these blogs have inspired, surprised, moved and delighted me. They are my "must reads" on a daily basis. They are all written with intelligence, compassion, talent and sincerity.

So first up!

The wonderful Simone from here

This was one of the very first blogs I was aware of and started reading. Simone has an innate sense of style that shines through all of her posts. One of the things I find so uplifting, is her obvious enjoyment and energy for life.
 I am always so amazed at just how much she seems to pack into her life! Her posts touch on all areas of her life and interests, each post and subject is written with honesty and knowledge.
Simone covers wonderful events in fashion, makes my mouth water with her latest cookery class descriptions, moves us with her posts concerning her family and manages to capture a real sense of her wonderful holidays in France.

I really love this blog, and if you haven't already discovered it for yourself, PLEASE call by, you will NOT be disappointed.

  all images Simone

More Great British Blogs.........Soon xxx


  1. You have just made me cry....seriously!! Thank you so much for your lovely words, compliments and kindness....I am really so touched.

    I don't think I consciously set out to "achieve" anything when I first began to think that I have created something which makes you write about me in this way is just so amazing to me :)

    And today I am home totally full up with the worst head cold, which nothing seems to be helping - so your lovely word of praise couldn't have come on a better day!!

    Thank you SO much :) XX

  2. I so agree with you. I love Simone's blog - it is a fabourite of mine. She has a keen and rare sense of style regardless of the subject before her.
    Thank you for featuring her.

    Helen xx

  3. Preaching to the converted!!! It does make me feel quite patriotic though. Simone's blog was what inspired me to start too - she has such reach doesn't she? It's funny how life goes; how much blogging can give when you are least expecting it. Lou x

  4. One of the first blogs that I read - she has such a witty and great approach to all her subjects.